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7 Piece Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cookware Set – Red



What’s in the box
24cm Cassorole with lid
21cm Cassorole with lid
18cm Cassorole with lid
25cm Frying Pan




Just some advice.Here are some tips that can help you preserve your existing pots.Enameled cast iron has very few downsides, and this is one of them. If you drop or otherwise hit the surface with a heavy object or utensil, the material is prone to scratching, chipping and in extreme cases, cracking.
This is because the enamel coating is made of a material similar to glass.Avoid using metal utensils if you’re stirring, scraping, or otherwise working aggressively within the pot; stick to wooden spoons, plastic spatulas, and the likeNever preheat your pot on the stovetop; instead, always ensure food or liquid ingredients are placed inside first prior to introducing direct heatWhen using very high temperatures, stick to liquid-heavy meals—like stews, soups, etc.

Avoid drastically changing temperature in the pot; just like glass, going from room temperature to scorching hot (or freezing cold) could cause cracking.

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