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Meat Slicer SL300


Model: SL-300 Vol. /Fre: 220V/50HZ


Power: 250W

Adjust Thick: 0-30mm Blade

Dia: 300mm


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Meat Slicer in Meat Slicer range. Model: SL300

Get the best in butchery equipment with this Meat Slicer that will cut meat into thin and delicious slices.

Meat Slicer Features:

  • Detachable carriage and removable blade (tool supplied) makes easy cleaning
  • Precisely balanced for effortless slicing
  • Blade ring guard for safety when blade is removed
  • Interlocked carriage and gauge plate for safety
  • Built in two stone sharpener, easy to keep the blade sharp
  • Smooth anodised aluminum body for hygiene
  • Indicator light for safety
  • Slices food up to 20mm thick

Model: SL-300 Vol. /Fre: 220/110V 50/60Hz Power: 250W Blade Dia: 300MM Weight: 24kg



Weight 20 kg