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Cast Iron 7 Piece Cookware Set – Black and Gold Collection


– Heat source: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and oven
– Lid fits snugly to lock in moisture and flavor
– When properly seasoned, provides long life non-stick and rust-free pots
– Works with all heat sources; gas, electric and ceramic top ranges
– Attributes of cast iron means hot food stays hot for longer, providing greater energy efficiency

Care Instructions:
– Hand wash recommended
– Do not use in a microwave oven

Handles will get hot during use, please use potholders or oven mitts when handling these pots.

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Cast iron performs well for either slow cooking or high-temperature searing.
The unparalleled cooking performance of the cookware set. With the durability and versatility to transport from stovetop, oven or broiler to the table, the cast iron set is the premium cookware for a beautiful presentation.

Prized by chefs around the world, the enamel cast-iron cookware distributes and retains heat evenly to ensure consistent cooking temperatures

Weight 10 kg